Freedom to Drive

Originally Posted on March 20, 2011

The First Day that I could I took the test to get my Learners License. To be honest I was so nervous I failed that first test. But that first failure all it did was make me mad so I convinced my Grandma to take me back for another go the afternoon of the same day. Thankfully I passed.

It was only later that it sunk in. Okay I have my learners now what? It took me until my first year at Tech to really answer that question.

I wasn’t living at home anymore and between where I was living and Tech there was a very big hill. On a bad day I could have to go up and down that hill three times a day add in some rain and there were days when I was just very unhappy. Especially when calling a Taxi / Mobility van seemed pointless for a trip that would have taken one or two minutes pushing if the ground had been flat.

So I needed to get this Driving thing started and for that I needed information. But it turned out that at this time the information was very hard to get. CCS gave me information about the fact that I needed to be assessed by a specialist OT, and some information about Driving instructors who would be willing to work with me. And I think they also had a car I could rent.

But for me learning to drive would not be a simple thing of taking a few lessons and then I’m on my way. I needed practice, practice and more practice. And as I was a struggling student that meant I needed help to get my first car.

I searched for what seemed like forever for a way that I could get my own car but an answer wasn’t presenting itself, until a chance meeting with a lady (who’s name unfortunately I can’t remember) from what is now LIFE Unlimited.

This lady simply and clearly explained the process of what I needed to do, and also point me as some funding that would allow me to purchase my first car.

So with excitement and not a little fear in my heart. I jump through the hoops, had the assessments and sooner than I had expected I was able to seriously look for my first car.

The selection of that car could be a post in itself, but lets just say that at the time I relied on heads much older and more experienced than mine.

My car was purchased, hand controls and hoist fitted and finally I could actually think about the bigger problem of ok now I actually have to learn to Drive this car

Thankfully an Aunt of mine decided that she was up for a challenge, and gave me a lot of her time. With that help and a number of lessons with an instructor as well I sat and passed my restricted, and then moved on to my full license.

But for me passing that “restricted” license was one of the most life changing moments I have ever experienced. Opening up a world or possibility and allowing me to truly feel free.

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